The following is a list of software programs that are used in our elementary schools. Some of the programs are purchased by the school district, while others are able to be downloaded for free from the internet.

Download these for free at home:
Type to Learn 4 -
Google Earth
PhotoStory - PhotoStory is a free download from Microsoft. It allows you to take photos, voice and music to create a digital story about anything and everything! The only things you need are the program and a microphone to hook-up to your computer!
Tux Paint
Tux Type 2
Zac Browser

Purchased Software
Kid Pix
Neighborhood May Machine
HyperStudio 4.5
Community Construction
Adobe PhotoShop Elements 6.0
Graph Club
Tessellation Exploration
Movie Maker (Pinnacle)
Microsoft Office 2007 suite
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Publisher